Thursday, July 21, 2011

Instagram Love Layout

Last week, while perusing Facebook, I learned that Cathy Zielske--one of my favorite scrapbooking gurus--had designed a FREE 8.5 x 11 layered template to showcase a collection of Instagram photos.

How awesome is that? I thought. I was so excited in fact, that I immediately set aside the project I was working on, and jumped head first into creating my own instaLOVE layout.

Thirty minutes later, my layout was finished (I just dropped in six photos, changed the color of the title, and added some journaling). Then, I uploaded the layout to Costco for printing.

And here it is:

Journaling: The same day I bought my iPhone 4, I downloaded the free application, Instagram. And I can honestly say: It was instaLOVE at first edit. For three months now, I've had so much fun snapping pictures with my phone, and changing their appearances by applying different filters. Left to right, top to bottom: Mom's birthday celebration at Chevy's; Rudy, our 6-year-old Lab mix, at the vet; Lucy, our 8-year-old Lab, at the vet; A rainbow in Williamsburg, Virginia; Me and Tori; Eating at The Counter, a hamburger joint in Roseville, with family. Here's to more picture taking and filter fun! Summer 2011

In addition to this template, Cathy also created two 12 x 12 layered templates specifically designed for camera phone photos. Both would work well for documenting a day in your life or a week in your life.

Speaking of week in the life...are any of you planning to participate in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project beginning on July 25?

I participated last year, and while I enjoyed taking pictures and documenting my life through words, putting together the album was quite time-consuming. My plan this year is to take photographs and write down what's going on in our lives, but instead of housing the documentation in an album, I'm going to post the pictures and journaling here on my blog.


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