Friday, July 22, 2011

Segway Layout

As you've probably noticed, I'm on quite a scrapbooking kick lately.


Well, you see, I have this list. (Shocker, I know!)

It's a list of layouts I want to do + stories I want to tell.

And this summer, I'm determined to check-off as many as I can.

Our experience on Segways in Chicago has been sitting in the number five spot on the list for months now.

But I'm happy to report that the layout is finished, and I've placed a check in the box.

Our tour guide, Segway Sarah, snapped the top photograph of Brian and me. I wanted to include a few more photos of Segways and Chicago, so I cut the three smaller pictures right out of the City Segway Tour brochure.

A good portion of the journaling came from this blog post. However, I wanted to include more details about our Segway tour, so I went back and reread my travel journal and incorporated some additional tidbits.

The journaling reads: When Brian and I visited Notre Dame in November 2010, we flew in and out of Chicago. We'd flown in and out of Chicago before, but never traveled beyond the airport. Eager to see the Windy City, we signed up for a 2-hour Segway tour. What is a Segway? It's a self-balancing, personal transportation device. After watching an instructional video at City Segway Tours and snapping on our helmets, we practiced riding in a nearby park. Segway Sarah, our tour guide, showed us the ropes. Being rather uncoordinated, I was nervous when I first stepped onto the Segway. I was afraid that I'd get going too fast (and lose control), so initially I only leaned into the handle slightly. Then, as my confidence grew, I started moving faster. I practiced turning around, too, by leaning to one side or the other. After ten minutes, I was ready to take to the streets. With a group of 12 people, we "segwayed" our way to Buckingham Fountain, continued onto Soldier Field where the Chicago Bears play, and looked out at Lake Michigan. The weather was gorgeous--sunny with temperatures in the 70s. Before completing our tour, we stopped off and feasted on hot dogs (from a real hot dog stand like in the movie While You Were Sleeping). I absolutely loved cruising around Chicago on a Segway! In fact, I had so much fun that I didn't want to give the Segway back. Brian, on the other hand, said he felt like he was going to crash at any moment. According to one of the tour guides, taller folks--particularly gangly men--have a harder time riding Segways. (For once, being vertically-challenged is advantageous!) I don't think Brian will climb on another Segway, but I'm game to do it again. In fact, when I get old, I don't want a wheelchair, I want a Segway.


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