Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right Now

Noah & Katie | September 2012 | Fort Worth, Texas

I am...
  • Processing photos from our trip to Dallas.  (This is one of my favorite shots!)
  • Harvesting vegetables from our garden.  (I'm surprised and excited that our plants are still producing!)
  • Typing up two article outlines and one story outline for my writing class.
  • Caring for Noah as he battles his first cold.  (Hyland's tiny cold tablets seem to be helping.)
  • Writing in my new journal. 
  • Listening to music by Kari Jobe, a Christian singer I learned about while we were in Texas.  (Thanks, Preston, for the recommendation!)    
  • Babyproofing our home, little by little. 
  • Running on the treadmill, at the park, and around my parents' neighborhood.  
  • Singing Noah's favorite song right now: The Wheels on the Bus.  Our bus has dogs and cats and even monkeys sometimes.  Noah laughs whenever I make the animal sounds, so I just keep adding more critters.       
  • Sipping hot apple cider.
  • Cleaning door handles, TV remotes, light switches, and toys with antibacterial wipes. 
  • Enjoying play time with Brian and Noah.
  • Browsing the internet for Halloween costume ideas.
  • Embracing all that is fall.  
What's happening in your world right now

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lfoster said...

Enjoyed reading your "right nows"

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