Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Five Lakes Hike

As you might remember, in my last post, I claimed it wasn't possible to have too many photos.

Well, apparently I was wrong--at least when it comes to my blog. 

Earlier this week, I attempted to upload 10 pictures from Brian's birthday hike.

After about five minutes, an error message popped up.  It seems I had exceeded my 1 GB of free storage capacity.

As I struggled to process this news, my thought stream went something like this:

Huh?  Whaaaaat?  Are you serious?  Noooooo!  Really?  A blog without photos? Holy sh*@!   

I was shocked.  Stunned.  Disappointed.

But not wanting to plunk down money for more storage space, I did what any stubborn (and frugal) woman would do: I tried again.  

This time, I uploaded just one photo.  Then another.  And still another--until I had five photos in my post.

Here they are:

At the Five Lakes trailhead.      

On our way to the lakes.

Enjoying cuddle time and lunch at one of the five lakes. 

A quick family photo on our way back...right before it started to rain.

The rain didn't last long, and neither did Noah.  He was asleep for most of the hike down to the car.

A few notes on our hike:
  • Brian discovered this hike using an app called Every Trail.  There is a free version available, but Brian purchased the Pro version (for $3.99), hoping the three of us will go hiking more in the future.  
  • Every Trail described the Five Lakes hike as easy.  I'd have to disagree.  With 900 feet of vertical climbing in the first 2 miles, you'll probably have to stop every now and again to catch your breath, but you'll get a good workout.  
  • Noah LOVED traveling in this child carrier!  A big thanks to our friends, Tom and Cassie, for the awesome backpack.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a family hike, followed by vanilla shakes from McDonald's.  Yum!

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