Friday, November 30, 2012

Notre Dame Favorites

The Fighting Irish had an AMAZING season this year, finishing 12-0!

My husband, who is a die-hard Notre Dame football fan, is beyond excited.

When the Notre Dame/USC game ended, Brian sent me a text message from downstairs (I was upstairs feeding Noah) that said: "We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  

Yes, there really were that many exclamation points.  And I love that he typed "we" instead of "ND."    
In a previous post, I mentioned our October trip to Notre Dame and posted a few photos from our vacation.

But I want to share a bit more about our adventures, along with a handful of pictures.

Here are my "favorites" from our ND trip.

Favorite Airplane Moment: Noah playing peek-a-boo with the couple sitting behind us.  Tons of laughter all around.     

Favorite Hotel: Hampton Inn.  I love that they have complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the lobby.  Pictured above: Brian drinking his coffee and Noah sipping water while riding in the hotel elevator.

Favorite Fall Foliage: I snapped lots of pictures of the colorful leaves on campus, but this is one of my favorites.  Every time we walk through the Notre Dame campus, I think of the movie Dead Poet's Society.  My two favorite lines: "Oh Captain, my Captain!" and "Carpe Diem!"

Favorite Non-Hotel Accommodations: During our time in South Bend, we stayed with the nicest family.  They rent their basement out to visitors on Notre Dame football weekends to make a little extra money.  If you're ever in South Bend for a football game, check out the Bed 'N Breakfast Registry.  

Favorite "Oops" Moment: On Thursday night--two days before the game--Brian thought: Wait a minute...does Noah need a ticket to the game?  On Friday morning, we learned the answer: Yes!  Seventy-three dollars later, our 9-month-old could get into the game. 

Favorite Game Moment: When Notre Dame scored their final touchdown in the fourth quarter, Brian did 17 push-ups with Noah.  

 Favorite Book: My First Notre Dame Words Go Irish 

Favorite Spot on the Notre Dame Campus (other than the stadium): St. Mary's Lake

  Favorite Sandwich Shop: Jimmy Johns.  Thanks for introducing us to this restaurant, Kate! 
Favorite Spontaneous Moment:  We were on our way to a local mall--basically just to kill some time while it rained--when Noah fell asleep in the car.  Rather than continuing to the mall, where we'd have to wake Noah up to put him in the stroller, we decided instead to head up to Michigan.  If only to say that we've been there.  (I definitely want to go back someday to see more than just ten minutes of it.) 

Favorite Bumper Sticker: 1.20.13 The end of an error  (Turns out, the sticker was wrong.)

Favorite Dinner Restaurant: Why, Cracker Barrel, of course!  I tried their broccoli cheddar chicken for the first time...and it was so yummy!  So good, in fact, that I was taking mental note of the ingredients as I devoured it.  Chicken, broccoli, cheddar cheese, Ritz crackers...Noah, meanwhile, was looking at me like, Well, don't I at least get a bite?

Favorite Fun Fact: When we visited Amish Acres Historic Farm, I learned that lye soap has a lot of cool uses: It helps with mosquito bites and poison ivy--and some even claim it fights acne.  Plus, it takes stains out of clothing.  I just may have to order a bar and try it out. 

Favorite Animal: At the same farm, we encountered two fainting goats.  The Amish often keep fainting goats with their sheep.  Why?  Well, when an animal tries to eat a sheep, the goats faint, and the predator eats one of them instead.  (Sheep are worth more than goats.)  If you've never seen these fainting goats in action, check out this YouTube video.  It's hilarious!

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