Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brian & Noah on the Tractor

Last week, Brian borrowed a John Deere tractor from a friend, so he could remove a bunch of rock from our front yard.

One day for about fifteen minutes, Noah and I watched from the deck as Brian drove the tractor around our front yard, down the driveway and back up the driveway.  We "talked" about tractors, loaders, rocks, lights, and daddy.  Noah was fascinated, tracking Brian and the tractor the entire time.

When Brian finished his work, Noah got to sit in his lap, wear his cowboy hat, and "drive" the tractor.

It was so much fun seeing the two of them "playing" on the tractor.

Speaking of fun, I'm entering the above photo in the I Heart Faces "Play" Photo Challenge.

Here are three more shots from that same day:

The tractor is still parked in our driveway (because Brian is planning to use it again in the near future), and every day when Noah is playing out front, he walks over to it, and says, "Up!"

At just 16 months old, he's already learned that being up on a tractor is really cool.  Smile

As for our yard, the rock is gone (yay!), and we laid 400 square feet of sod in the area to the left of our driveway.  We're watering it twice daily (Noah loves playing in the sprinklers), and hoping it thrives.  Fingers crossed, we'll have a beautiful lawn to play on this summer--and maybe a small sandbox, too.   

Photo Challenge Submission

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