Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life with a Toddler

You know there's a toddler living in your home...

When your family room looks like this.  Bins pulled down out of the entertainment center.  Toys and puzzles and books strewn about.  Empty boxes on the floor.  

When there's a drawer in the kitchen, complete with kid-friendly cooking gear such as plastic bowls, plastic measuring cups, spoons, and silverware.  For playing and nesting and banging.

When you set up a passcode on your iPhone.  That way, your toddler won't accidentally call someone in China, delete a picture from your photos, snap a picture of his leg, or pull up the Internet.  (Okay, so Noah didn't call China, but he did manage to figure out how to do the other threeDid I mention he's only 16 months old?  I can only imagine what he'll be able to do at three!)  

When there's a mini-fort in the living room built with dining chairs, a sheet, and a few clamps. 

When you can't wear anything twice because it has sand on it, dirt on it, milk on it, food on get the point.

When you play peek-a-boo several times a day.  (Here, Noah initiated the peek-a-boo game with me using my hat.)

When you find a Duplo block in your boot.  (Brian's boot, to be exact.)  

When there's a special "suction" plate at the table.  (Unfortunately, Noah has figured out how to get it unstuck and throw it on the floor.)

When you find yourself ordering more kid music than adult music on iTunes.  (More details in a future blog post.)

When you play outside in the sand.

When you hear "hi" all. day. long.

When there's some "signing" going on.  Here, Noah is signing "more."  

When you find yourself saying "no thank you" to a foot up on the table, a water cup being hurled onto the floor, or a piece of food being placed into said toddler's shirt.  (Yes, he has started putting food down his shirt.  Just for fun, I think.  Or maybe so he has a snack later on.  Ewww!)

When you read the same book over and over again.  (With this book, Noah likes to point at the wizard hat and say, "hat."  For all of the other pictures, Noah points to them and says "dat," and then I identify the object aloud.)

When you give and receive lots of hugs and kisses.

When you celebrate the little accomplishments--the words spoken, the steps taken, the new foods eaten--with smiling and clapping. 

 I sure love having toddler Noah in our home.

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