Saturday, May 25, 2013

Right Now

A few weeks ago, Brian, Noah and I attended Mass at our former church.

Seeing old friends is always fun.

After exchanging hugs, many of our church friends asked us: How have you been?  What's new with you? 

It occurred to me that some of you, my blog readers, might be interested to know what we've been up to lately, too.

So, here goes...

BRIAN | 34 years old.  Still working as an engineer for Sac Metro Fire (and enjoying it!).  Makes wooden toy cars for fun.  Recently enjoyed 5+ days of camping and fishing and other "manly" fun.  Just built a wooden sandbox for Noah.  Loves reading our local newspaper and listening to sports podcasts.  Excited to go camping in our new-to-us trailer.

NOAH | Sixteen months young.  Says hi, off, hat, hot, baba (bye-bye), and nigh-nigh (the name of his lovey).  Tries to say "tractor."  Loves apples and bananas ("ap" and "nanas" as he says).  Has an aversion to meat (I think it's the texture), but recently, we've found he'll eat meat if we let him dip it in ketchup or Ranch.  Walks everywhere now.  Loves water--it doesn't matter if it's warm or cold, coming out of a faucet, a hose or a sprinkler.  Gives adorable kisses.  Says, "Dada?" when the phone rings.  Enjoys riding in his blue car (a big thanks to the Cruice family!).  Dislikes getting into his car seat and now, sometimes the stroller.  Excited to be taking swim lessons with mom and dad in July.         
ME | 34 years old...almost 35!  Scrapbooking more.  Taking photos.  Writing blog posts.  Revising a children's article on Theodore Roosevelt.  Hugging Brian and Noah.  Cooking up salsa chicken in the crock pot.  Watering our new sod.  Instagramming photos (I use the app, PicTapGo, first).  Reading The Lost Husband.  Enjoying lavender in our bathroom.  Excited to see my sister, her fiance, and my niece soon.   

Oh, and what the's a little update on our pooches, too. 

LUCY | Nine years old.  Sleeps more than she used to.  Shedding a ton.  Still loves to fetch the ball.   Still barks A LOT.  Eats once a day, but in the garage now instead of the house.  Loves to lick Noah's hands and face. 

RUDY| Seven years old.  Very sweet.  Loves to eat Noah's table scraps.  Loves to wander our property.  Loves to fetch the ball and play "keep away" from Lucy.  Eats once a day, in the garage, too.  

What's new with you?

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