Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

At the moment, I have 73 blog posts in my drafts folder. Eeek! (In all fairness, a quarter of those posts are completed and just waiting to be published on my new Wordpress site.)

Because of this, occasionally a draft post slips under the radar and doesn't get out in a timely fashion. Like this one about Noah's birthday party, which was held in early January. 

I wrote the letter that follows to Noah the day after his party, but just hadn't gotten around to editing any photos from the event. You can't have a blog post without a photo to accompany it. At least not in my little corner of the web. 

Dear Noah,

Yesterday, we celebrated your birthday among family and good friends.

We played at an indoor playground in Auburn, sliding down slides, jumping on trampolines, climbing through tunnels and throwing foam balls.

Even the big kids (the adults) got into the action!

You were running around in (what else?) your Jake costume and a Jake party hat.

It's not a party unless you're wearing a party hat, right, Noah?

You devoured a slice of pepperoni pizza, a little bit of "Jake" cake, and some vanilla ice cream.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to you, and you sang right along with us with a huge grin on your face.

You tore open your presents like a boss (you had lots of practice the week of Christmas!), and delighted in receiving more new toys.

Your favorite, I think, was the "Jake" spyglass from your grandma and grandpa.  (It's now March and you still love that thing!)

Daddy and I surprised you with a John Deere ride-on tractor (all your Dad's idea) and your very own trumpet

Seeing you so happy brought me much happiness.  Love you, sweet boy!


P.S. This was the first birthday party we've held in a location other than our home. I loved it for many reasons: 1) I didn't have to rush to take down all of our Christmas stuff: the tree, the decorations, the cards, etc. 2) I didn't have to clean our home. 3) I didn't have to think about the menu at all. Just buy the cake, some ice cream, and a few candles. 4) I spent less money on decorations. 5) There was very little clean-up, and once we walked out of the playground, we were completely done. No tables to take down, no folding chairs to put away, no dishes to be washed. 6) But most importantly, Noah had fun, Brian and I had fun, and our friends and family had fun. Outsourcing for the win!

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