Monday, July 4, 2011

Project Life, 6/10-6/12

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you are having lots of fun this weekend with family and friends. We had a blast with some firefighter friends yesterday, and today we're off to a family barbeque.

In addition to the video I created about my Project Life book, I also wanted to take a photo walk through my PL book. (Note: Some of the information may be the same, but I'll try not to repeat everything.)

In this post, I'll cover June 10th-12th, the three days we spent in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here's a look at the first section of my Project Life book:

The first page in my book contains a June calendar. When I'm planning a trip, I use a printed calendar (from to help me figure out how best to schedule our time.

By the way, feel free to click on any of the images to make them appear larger.

On the back of the calendar is a Google map of the region we visited.

Next, you see my first divided pocket page from Project Life, which contains pictures, journaling cards (from Ali Edwards), and e-tickets.

I used two applications on my iPhone in preparing for this trip. The first, TripIt (pictured in the top left), enabled me to store and access all of our reservations (airline/hotel/car) right on my phone. Plus, I could easily e-mail our itinerary to family, so they could follow us along our journey. The second, Visual Travel Checklist (pictured in the middle), made packing for our trip a cinch.

Also on this page--in the top right corner--you will also see a coupon caddy. As I mentioned in this blog post, I carried the journaling cards with me in this caddy. Inside the caddy, I labeled each section by date starting with 6/10. During our road trip, I filed ticket stubs, receipts, memorabilia, and completed journaling cards in the appropriate dated section. (I placed larger things such as pamphlets, booklets and maps in a gallon-size ziplock bag.)

We had so much fun at CMA Music Fest! I think the CMA Music Fest is to country music fans what the Superbowl is to football fans. All the biggest and best singers/bands come out to play for their fans. Lucky for us, though, CMA Music Fest takes place over four days instead of one.

Originally, we'd only planned to go to the concerts on Friday and Saturday night only, but we enjoyed ourselves so much that we bought tickets to Sunday's concert, too.

I've been a big country music fan since junior high school (going on 20 years now), so it was a pleasure visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame. Listening to songwriter Craig Wiseman talk about his hit songs (and play them) was an unexpected treat.

That day, it was super hot--97 degrees with 60 percent humidity--in Nashville, but despite the heat, we ventured downtown and walked to the riverfront area to hear Chuck Wicks play.

These are pictures from Saturday night's concert. I loved getting dressed up and wearing my cowgirl boots! It was so awesome sitting outdoors, listening to hours of country music with my hubby by my side. I, especially, loved hearing Chris Young, Little Big Town, and Josh Turner play live.

On Sunday, we went to Mass and then had lunch at Caney Fork Restaurant. As I mentioned in this blog post from the road, we tried sweet tea, feasted on alligator tail, and inhaled their complimentary corn fritters. Southern food is delicious!

On Sunday night, it was back to LP field for more live country music. We enjoyed listening to Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. On Friday and Saturday nights we sat up in the cheap seats, but on Sunday, we sat down below, which gave us a better view of the stage. Right in front of us was a couple probably in their mid-seventies. It was so sweet to see the two of them holding hands, clapping to the music and periodically, standing up and swaying to a few songs. She wore ear plugs and he had his hearing aids turned down, but they were genuinely enjoying themselves. I hope when we're 70, we're still getting out, still enjoying life and still very much in love.

I'll be back later on this week to share more of my Project Life book.


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