Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project Life Update

Over the past few weeks, I've been filling up my Project Life book with photos, journaling and ephemera.

Here's a look at my pages from the end of June:

We spent time tubing on Folsom Lake in Mike and Kathleen's new boat.

I sang at the funeral service for a friend's husband.

I started physical therapy for my left knee, and Lucy, Rudy and I made a trip to the vet for shots.

In early July, I wrote about the events in the pictures above and below in this blog post and this blog post.

On the page above, I included: 1) a picture taken on our deck at night with the sky and canal lit up by the nearly full moon (top right corner); 2) an e-mail I received from a former student (middle right); 3) a map of the area we explored during a recent day trip (bottom left); 4) a picture of our mountain bikes in Brian's truck bed (bottom right).

On this page, I opted to include four photos from our hiking/driving adventures in mid-July, along with four journaling cards detailing the events of the day.

Bottom right photo: I really wanted a picture of us walking across this bridge, so I propped our camera up on the side rail, made sure Brian was in the frame, set the self-timer, and then walked quickly up to meet him.

I wanted to include a few more pictures from our day trip to Sierra Discovery Trail/Lake Fuller/Bowman Lake, so I slipped four more into this photo pocket page. While Bowman Lake is beautiful, I don't think we'll be making the trek there ever again (it's too remote and the road we traversed was incredibly treacherous). However, I'd love to rent a canoe and paddle in Lake Fuller (top right photo) someday. It's a stunningly beautiful mountain lake!

Lastly, on this page, I included a picture of Bowman Lake (top left) as well as a shot of fresh veggies from our garden, a restaurant sign (where we ate one night), and a postcard from Brian's aunt and uncle.

Thanks for letting me share my Project Life book with you!


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