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Christmas Letter | 2013

 Photo Credit: Mindy Newton Photography

It’s Noah here, with an update on our family.

2013 has been a really fun year—for Dada, Mama, and especially me.

 Photo Credit: Mindy Newton Photography
The three of us went camping twice in our trailer—once near Foresthill where Dada spotted a bear in a tree—and the other time, in the Bodega Sand Dunes, where I played in the warm sand and the ocean. 

We also visited Lake Tahoe twice, once in the winter and once in the summer. In February, we snowshoed with our neighbors; their son’s name is Aaron and he’s about my age.  He calls me “Nona” and I love going for hikes with him. In August, we spent the day at Meeks Bay, but the water was so c-c-c-c-old that I didn’t want to go in. Dada buried the lower half of my body in the sand, and then drove a tractor around my feet.  I thought that was so funny!    

We also hit the zoo (where I loved watching the little monkeys), and the county fair (where I got to sit on a tractor), and a miniature indoor city called BusyKidz (where I vacuumed, weighed fruit, and talked on the telephone). 

About a month ago, I flew on an airplane to Texas. Auntie Katie (TT) and Uncle Preston got married, and Auntie TT looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. I wore a tuxedo, and everyone kept saying how cute I looked.  (Being cute is a good thing, right?) At the reception, there was a guy playing a guitar (gee-tar), and I sat down right in front of him and watched him play. Uncle Preston’s sister, Noelle, also played a guitar and sang really pretty.  

 Photo Credit: Mindy Newton Photography
Mama, Dada, and I have a lot of fun at home, too. Mama stays home with me, and in the mornings, we go to the library to play with puzzles or to gymnastics where I slide down into the foam pit (wee!) or to the park where I play in the sandbox and go down the slides (more weeing!).

Mama sings to me, and I sing along sometimes, too.  One of my favorite songs right now is "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."  You know that part where Santa says, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”?  I pretend to be Santa and sing those words.  

 Photo Credit: Mindy Newton Photography
Daddy works at the fire station and I miss him when he’s gone.  I say, “Dada?” and Mama tells me he is at the station. Then, I say, “Woo, woo?” and Mama responds, “Yes, Dada drives the fire engine.” When we visit Dada at the station, he hoists me up into the driver's seat and I hold on to the steering wheel.  It's the best!  I don't want to leave.  Ever.  When Mama says it’s time to go, I cry and cry. 

But then, when I hear Dada’s truck come up the driveway, I run to the window and Mama lifts me up onto the windowsill. Dada steps out of his truck and I wave and say “Hi! Hi! Hi!” with the biggest grin on my face.

Dada makes me the best shakes--always with frozen blueberries (my favorite)—and the best pancakes with oatmeal and bananas.  Dada also pushes me around on my outside trike, taking me for walks in the neighborhood. Going for rides in Dada’s truck is fun, too.      

My doggies, Lucy (Luce) and Rudy (D), are the best!  Lucy just turned 10 and Rudy is 8 now.  Mama and Dada give Luce two shots a day because she has diabetes (tees).  I sit on the rug nearby and watch.  Mama always says, “Good girl!” to Lucy when she’s done, and I say, “Good girl!” too.        

I also say "Oh, no!" a lot.  Like when I drop my fork off the dining room table.  Or when I put my foot in the dogs’ water bowl.  Or when I accidentally throw an iPhone into the bath tub.    

My other favorite words are: cool and okay and please (pwease) and thank you (ank-you) and football (b-ball) and helicopter (copter).  And, of course, guitar (gee-tar or tar).  I'm obsessed with guitars. In fact, I’m really hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas! 

In addition to being a guitar nut, I have a thing for vehicles…you know, trains (choo-choo) and trucks and tractors.  Pretty much anything that goes.  Oh, and my trike.  I ride it as fast as I can around the house: Through the kitchen and around into the living room, then whizzing past the sofas in the family room and zooming into the dining room.  Dada calls them hot laps.  Don’t worry, though, I wear a big football hat (a gold Notre Dame helmet) when I ride to protect my brain (ain).   

Mama, Dada and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


(Age: Almost 2)

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