Monday, September 15, 2014

Adoption Update | Late Summer

As I mentioned in this June blog post,  I'm making a more concerted effort to document the adoption process this time around--not only for me (I enjoy rereading old posts from time-to-time), but also for people who might be interested in learning about how private domestic adoption works.

Here's what I've done since the last update:


  • CREATED AN ADOPTIMIST PROFILE | Recently, our attorney told us about Adoptimist. She said several of her clients have connected with prospective birth parents, thanks to Adoptimist. I created a free profile for now and may upgrade to a paying subscription in the future.   

  • SHARED PASS ALONG CARDS | A big thanks to those of you who have requested cards. I thought we might have one or two people ask...but so far, 15 of you (awesome folks that you are!) have requested cards. Even a few college students are posting them on their campus bulletin boards--thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • PURCHASED A FACEBOOK TIMELINE TEMPLATE | The Facebook timeline, pictured at the top of this post, is available from this Etsy seller. (All photos in the timeline were taken by Mindy Newton of Mindy Newton Photography.)
And here's what I want to do going forward:

  • PREPARE THE NURSERY | I'm fairly certain that we're going to keep all of the existing nursery furniture (crib, rocker, changing table), but I'd like to repaint the walls, change the bedding and drapes, and display some new art. Oh, and hang a few pom poms from the ceiling. I adore them!
  • SHARE | Continue to tell others about our adoption dreams, both in person and online.
  • PRAY | We've been praying for a baby girl since we started the process, but we'll continue to pray and hope and wish and plan (reminds me of that Wishing and Hoping song in "My Best Friend's Wedding") until our daughter joins our family.
I also have a few adoption-related stories to tell you, but I'll save them for a separate post--coming soon!

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